Sea Breeze Soprano

Madhuri Marelli

Coloratura Soprano

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Vocal & Piano Tutoring
for Beginners

for adults and seriously interested children


If you love music and would like to know more about how to use your creativity to play piano or sing, I would love to assist you! I teach the fundamentals of learning how to read music, boost confidence in letting yourself learn, and assist you in awakening to the joy of making music!

If you have been told that you cannot carry a tune, or that your hands aren't large enough to play a piano keyboard, or any number of critical messages that have caused you to shut off your desire to let the music inside you express, we can get through this.

I teach singers how to breathe correctly which is more than 70% of what it takes to make a beautiful sound. If you sing in the shower or your car and want to feel freer in expressing yourself, take a chance and decide to give this gift to yourself. Anyone wanting to play any instrument or sing, needs to know how to read music. If you loved music as a child but quit for any number of reasons, it is time to open that creative portal again. If you have music that you've always wanted to sing or play, I can assist you in working towards that goal.

Music is a language. It is my favorite language. I love to study a piece of music and decipher it into sound and beauty. Music is the language of the Soul. Music gives pleasure, comfort and peace when nothing else does.

Jean Paul Richter, a Romantic writer of the 1700's said, "Music is the only one of the fine arts in which not only man, but all other animals have a common property - mice and elephants, spiders and birds." Hector Berlioz, a Romantic composer of the early 1800's wrote, "When I hear a piece of music, I feel a delicious pleasure in which reason has no part."

In my own personal experience, singing and playing music give me numerous amazing gifts, especially in giving myself permission to express vast emotion and passion. Music is a priceless gift you can give, especially to yourself.

For information about lessons, please contact Ms. Madhuri Marelli at 760-586-2627 or